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Golf GTE Variant?

Things that make you go hmmm….
One of our eagle-eyed readers in our Car Lounge forum (Ark6) spotted this parked outside San Francisco Airport this past weekend:

A Golf GTE Variant.

So what? Well, Volkswagen hasn’t announced or shown an eGolf Variant, let alone a GTE Variant, so this is something new we haven’t seen before and VW hasn’t announced. Now, having said that, we’re not the least bit surprised that VW would plan for an eGolf Variant. A GTE Variant however, is pushing the envelope a little more for VW, as a performance electric version of the eGolf Variant probably wouldn’t sell in big numbers. We are happy to see VW playing around with these ideas though and hope they decide to offer it. No comment from VWoA so far, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed.


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