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Beetle Dune Going to Production?

So it would seem…

Last week Volkswagen AG put out a press release rehashing the Beetle Dune concept but cryptically saying that is a “conceivable” as a production model. Since there was no new information and it just seemed like an attempt to gather more press for a vehicle that was already shown six plus months ago, we didn’t think anything of it. Then we found this video on the Volkswagen AG Media website:

The voiceover in the video says the Beetle Dune is coming in 2016 in both coupe and convertible forms. Since we already know that the Beetle and Jetta 6 share similar platforms that don’t support AWD that would mean a Beetle Dune would be FWD only.

Which begs the question… Why make an off-road looking Dune with FWD? A FWD Beetle R makes more sense to us. No word from VWoA on all of this and we’ll keep you posted.


It’s not just a car, it’s the Volkswagen feeling!