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    As happens every year, Europe’s Volkswagen enthusiast are meeting on the banks of a picturesque lake high in the Austrian Alps and that means that 29 of the automaker’s brightest apprentices have been chosen to build a GTI of their own. And this year, they’ve built two (sorta).

    The first, the apprentices are calling the Golf GTI Next Level. It was designed in Wolfsburg by a group—shall we call them—more traditional apprentices. These last turned up the wick on VW’s now familiar 2.0-liter gasoline to pump the power up to an R-beating 405 hp.

    It sends power to the front wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox and is finished in a unique paint scheme. Fading from white silver metallic up front to deep black pearl effect in the rear, the scheme was designed using VW’s latest design technology.

    Along with the pretty colors, VW’s apprentices have fitted a body kit with a rear diffusor and body kit. Inside, the apprentices have found space for a big ol’ set of speakers and a retractable LED monitor on the trunk floor that can be controlled via iPad.

    Just don’t ask this GTI to carry a heavy load.

    More photos Golf GTI Next Level


    The team from Zwickau, meanwhile, built a car they’re calling the Golf Estate TGI GMOTION. They took a 130-ish hp 1.5-liter natural gas engine and paired to VW’s seven-speed dual-clutch. Power for the TGI, though, runs to all wheels. Along with the Alltrack-like body cladding, the TGI, argue its makers, is suited to off-road as well as on-road adventures.

    With coilovers that can be lowered by 40 mm and four-piston brakes, though, the Zwickau team hasn’t given up on on-road fun.

    The teams are made up of the following members:

    The Wolfsburg team of project manager Holger Schülke (by training vocations):
    motor vehicle mechatronics technicians: team spokesperson Maximilian Klar (21), Florian Dimt (21), Maximilian Purrucker (21), Vincent Siermann (20), electronics technicians for automation: Patrick Schilling (19) and Maurice-Christian Ziesmann (21), vehicle paint technicians: Anna-Katharina Heumann (22) and Marie-Kristin Schild­­wächter (20), vehicle interior fitters: Henny Stegmann (19) and Lena Volk (20), specialists in office management: Lina Bosse (20) and Tina Geißler (20), technical model maker: Sandra Dombrowski (21), technical product designer: Nico Sennhenn (21), process technician specializing in plastic and rubber engineering: Marc Fitzlaff (23). Maurice-Christian Ziesmann is completing a dual course of studies and is combining his apprenticeship with a bachelor degree course in electrical engineering and information technology (Ostfalia, Wolfenbüttel). Henny Stegmann is completing her apprenticeship with Sitech in Wolfsburg, all the others work at Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg plant. Sitech is the Volkswagen Group company specializing in the development and production of vehicle seats.

    The Zwickau Team of project manager Claudia Kittler (by training vocations):
    electronics technicians for automation: Benjamin Liebold (20) and Tobias Siebert (18), vehicle paint technicians: Simon Boguslawski (19) and Denise Zeißler (22),industrial mechanic: Dennis Leuthäuser (21), construction mechanics: Jonathan Hammig (19), Marius Neumeister (21), motor vehicle mechatronics technicians: Tom Dubielczyk (20), Hannes Flade (18), Tobias Kalbas (19), Laura Saller (18) and Elisabeth Trompelt (18), mechatronics technician: Laura Hofmann (19), process technician for coating technology: Laura Wagner (20).


    It’s not just a car, it’s the Volkswagen feeling!

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