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VW Launches Golf R Performance with Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust

The Golf R that we all know and love has just been made a bit more lovable with the addition of some choice parts and the word “Performance.”

Bigger brakes, titanium exhaust, and semi-slick tires, it turns out, are the ingredients in the Performance recipe here.

The new built pin discs up front allow for more precise braking and are two kg (~4.5 lbs) lighter than the standard Golf R’s brakes, reducing the unsprung mass and helping handling.

Under the car, meanwhile, Slovenia’s favorite son, Igor Akrapovic has been tasked with creating pipes that would put an organist to shame.

Not only is the new exhaust system seven kilograms (15.5 lbs), it also sounds better. The volume and timbre can be adjusted through the driving modes and is loudest (read: best) in race mode.

Volkswagen previously released a video teasing this new Golf R Performance that also mentioned improved aero to help you round the track, too.

Finally, some super sticky rubber, in concert with the reduced weight, will help you hit every apex and nail every exit.


It’s not just a car, it’s the Volkswagen feeling!