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Theophilus Chin Renders Golf Sportsvan Alltrack

With Volkswagen’s Golf Sportsvan currently on sale, and the introduction of the Golf Alltrack in Paris a few weeks ago, it only makes sense that Automotive Manipulator Theophilus Chin would see to combine the two into what could potentially be an all-new model. Seeing as the CrossGolf was an extremely similar model, we’d wager that Volkswagen will be looking to replace it with something very similar to this Golf Sportsvan Alltrack render.

For this particular render, Chin utilized contrasting body cladding much like what can be found on the Golf Alltrak and CrossGolf which precedes it. Unlike the CrossGolf though, a 4MOTION badge can clearly be spotted on the rear of the vehicle, rectifying a common criticism of the CrossGolf. Although the render is certainly great eye candy, a production model or concept from Volkswagen remains to be seen.


It’s not just a car, it’s the Volkswagen feeling!