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Volkswagen C Coupe GTE concept

While the car you see here looks virtually identical to the Sport Coupe Concept GTE shown at the Geneva Auto Show just a month ago, this is in fact an all-new concept. More importantly, this concept is based on the longitudinal mounted engine MLB platform and has roughly the same wheelbase as the Audi A8/VW Phaeton long wheel base versions but about 3 inches shorter. Volkswagen says it has primarily been designed for the Chinese market which loves their luxury cars, but we have to wonder if there is anything here that hints at the next generation Phaeton. Either way, Volkswagen is clearly pushing to head in a newer design direction with their large sedans as this is the second concept with a familiar face. The Volkswagen AG press release follows below…

-Progressive coupé concept offers an outlook on the future design of sporty saloons

At Auto Shanghai, which begins today, Volkswagen is presenting the world premiere of the C Coupé GTE. This four-door concept car for the Chinese market – which is over five metres in length – combines exclusivity, perfection and passion. The C Coupé GTE is powered by an innovative plug-in hybrid drive system, whose drive sources combine to produce an impressive 500 Newton metres of system torque. In addition, the Scirocco GTS* – the new edition of the legendary GTS of the year 1982 – is making its debut at Auto Shanghai 2015.

The progressive C Coupé GTE illustrates a new design approach for future top saloons at Volkswagen. Its contemporary form is impressive from all viewing angles: while its long bonnet conveys a confident appearance, in a side view the four-door C Coupé GTE impresses with its elegant lines, low-profile side windows and horizontal character line that is formed by two lines. From the rear, this structure comes together distinctively, emphasising the vehicle’s width.

The C Coupé GTE has one of the world’s most advanced plug-in hybrid drive systems. It consists of a turbocharged petrol direct-injection engine (TSI) with four cylinders, an 8-speed automatic gearbox, an electric motor integrated in the gearbox module and a lithium-ion battery. The TSI engine produces 155 kW / 210 PS, while the electric motor has a power output of 91 kW / 124 PS. The hybrid drive develops a system power of 180 kW / 245 PS and an impressive system torque of 500 Nm. The battery integrated at the rear can be charged while driving or while parked. The C Coupé GTE can also be powered all-electrically (up to a speed of 130 km/h); this mode enables driving with zero local emissions and a range of 50 kilometres. The car’s combined fuel consumption (NEDC for plug-in hybrid vehicles) is 2.3 litres per 100 kilometres. This figure equates to CO2 emissions of just 55 grams per kilometre. The car’s total driving range is over 800 kilometres. Despite its excellent fuel efficiency, the C Coupé GTE also has sporty ambitions. This Volkswagen accelerates to 100 km/h in 8.6 seconds and reaches a top speed of 232 km/h.


VW je v Šanghaj pripeljal C Coupe GTE, štitrivratni kupe z dolžino pet metrov.

Koncept je obut v kar 22-palčna kolesa in narejen s kitajskim trgom v mislih. Avto je širok 1930 mm, medosna razdalja pa meri kar 3 metre. Vse skupaj močno napoveduje naslednjo generacijo Phaetona, ki prihaja 2018. Notranjost se ne razlikuje močno od Passata, a ima kompletno digitalne merilnike in velik zaslon na dotik. Potniki zadaj imajo svojo centralno konzolo, kjer lahko dostopajo do številnih funkcij, imajo pa tudi svoj infotainment, ki ima še dva prikazovalnika v vzglavnikih sprednjih sedežev.

Koncept je zamišljen kot plug-in hibrid na 4-valjnem TSI bencinskem motorju z osemstopenjsko avtomatiko. Motor sam premore 155 kW (210 KM), električni motor pa generira še 91 kW (124 KM), skupna moč je 345 KM in 500 N navora.

Litij ionske baterije obljubljajo doseg do 50 km, v hibridnem načinu pa bo en rezervoar zadostoval za več kot 800 km. VW pravi, da je poraba le 2,3 litra. DO stotice koncept pospeši v 8,6 sekunde, končna hitrost pa je 232 km/h v hibridnem ali 130 km/h v električnem načinu.


It’s not just a car, it’s the Volkswagen feeling!