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    The first Atlas variant is here, albeit in concept form. The five-seat Atlas Cross Sport concept is a “near-production concept” of a shortened, coupefied Atlas that Volkswagen intends to start building next year.

    Part of the company’s well-publicized effort to double its market share in America, the Atlas Cross Sport is a specifically American product.

    The ACS concept shares a wheelbase with its big sister and namesake, the Atlas, but is a full 7.5 inches shorter—hence the fewer seats. As well as being shorter in overall length, the ACS concept also gains a plug-in hybrid system that apparently makes 355 hp in concert with VW’s VR6 engine.

    The concept, says VW, is powered by two electric motors. The front motor makes 54 hp and 162 lb-ft of torque, while the rear motor makes 114 hp and 199 lb-ft of torque. This, they say, is good for a 0-60 time of 5.4 seconds (which would beat a GTI off the line and might make a Golf R driver sweat).

    Of course, this is all concept stuff and VW has argued that there isn’t enough incentive to sell plug-in hybrids in America. Its press release makes a point of mentioning a mild-hybrid system, though, which would include a 48-volt electric system that could power a supercharger, as in Audis.

    This system eliminates turbo lag and fitted to the V6 would be good for 310 hp. That system isn’t currently available on any American VWs but is on its way to customers in Europe, which might explain why the ACS’s grille is so different from the Atlas.

    With the full, pouting lips of the Jetta, the ACS shares something in common with the Chinese SUVs VW showed off at the Touareg’s debut. That said, it does have a flavor all its own and will be built in Chattanooga, alongside the Atlas and the Passat.


    It’s not just a car, it’s the Volkswagen feeling!

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